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Rich or Poor

To day is Tuesday. Somewhere there's a homeless man without a change of clothes to his name. But he's happy. Somewhere there's a millionaire locked inside his mansion, a miserable wretch who's only thoughts are of making more money, removing himself from the vultures, and protecting his fortune.  He can't remember ever being happy a day in his life. The homeless man is thankful for the water that quenches his thirst and the sun that shines down warming his stiff old bones. He has hope that someone will acknowledge the words and acts of kindness he commits to as his purpose each day. A stranger's generosity and gratitude will fill his belly. He will thank his Lord without a peep about the tragedy that brought him to this life of lacking. Just thanks, faith and hope that it will all work out in the end. The rich man curses God when the homeless man casts a shadow on his superfluous, ritzy lawn. The poor man smiles and waves just to share a smile and a wave with a

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This guy got a kick out of it all.